The Creative Pursuit Gallery personally works and manages every order in its entirety. In most instances, you can expect the full order to be shipped within a Day or two. 

  The Buyer is responsible for all shipping and Handling costs. These Will be added on at the end of the sale in the check out process.  It is based on An hour of staff time to Package the Item and deliver it to the Post office and then also the actual shipping cost of the item , which we understand may fluctuate, so we estimate the cost low and agree to handle any residual expense at no cost to you if needed. The price of shipping and handling of a smaller painting at this time seems to be around $30.00, but may be adjusted if the size is medium or large, if shipping prices rise ,or if we deem necessary to continue offering the service.   

For larger orders, shipping may not be offered and only available for local pick up. Larger purchases might arrive in multiple packages. Oversized orders may be refused shipping or agreed upon if discussed ,packaged and shipping could happen possibly via freight service. Orders are shipped to residential or business addresses, allowing for confirmation of receipt. You may be alerted via e-mail as your order ships and a tracking number and link may be included. This and shipping times are not at this time Guaranteed because of Covid related shipping hassles, but it is our hopes to have your package there timely and safely. 

Creative pursuit Gallery ships by Usps to Addresses in the United States only at this time and purchases are securely packed specifically for your order using the best packaging we can offer to maintain a great quality of artwork to your door.  In uncommon cases of oversized or custom orders, buyers will need to discuss shipping options with us personally. We hope this serves you well , and questions can be forwarded to us via this store website and or to thank you _the Creative Team.